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2010-08-28 02:19:32 by Dangan

So it's been like 18 months or so since my last post regarding the january 09' meetup and i felt this needed something of an update.

Honestly, i don't get alot of time for websites like this, i think most ghosting NG users have the same things in life which keep them from being on here regularly, for me it's my lifestyle, social circles, my daughter, my studies (which are now continuing onto university) and my career.

But when i do come on i'm reminded of why i joined this website so many years ago, the forums are still rather funny to behold, the kids from when i joined are now experienced users backseat modding the new kids acting like retards, i guess some things never change?

Anyways i'm rambling, i guess the NG related update is that i'm in talks with Mike to make a new Mushroom War film, it's taken nearly 5 years granted and we've both had quite a few PM's, emails and reviews asking for the "proper war" and a sequel, Mike has pitched the idea a couple of times now but unfortunately i've simply been too busy, however i feel the time is right to get started on it.

Expect to see a more mature and all round better and more refined finished product (not that there was anything wrong with the previous one).

Not only that, but i have found a few previously unfinished scripts and ideas on my computers that i'm anxious to push forward with some other animators that NG is more than familiar with, hopefully you'll be seeing a plethora of ideas coming from me over the next year or so, but for all i know it could fall through and The Mushroom War 2 could be all you get.

Still, who reads these things anyways? To most NG users i'm just an experienced nobody nowadays, the joys of ghosting i suppose :')

Anyways, this concludes my update for the next year or so, unless i decide to post a story or two on here every now and then, we'll see.

Peace easy NG

Updates Updates Updates...

Well the meet up is today and i get to meet all the little friends i have accumulated over the years.

Will (Coop83) with his futurama impressions who helped me through a personal issue a few years back.

Mathias (Andersson) who i frequently talk to about anything and everything, also a mod on his Red Bribe forums.

Leo (BBM) Simply for the lulz he brings to my life

Olly (NEVR) even though i pretty much made friends with him today, he seems like a nice chap.

Mechabloby won't be coming though which is a shame, nor will Sarai, Daveman, mast3rmind, Tri Nitro Toluene or anyone else i'm forgetting.

But there's always future meet-ups i guess.

I'll be updating this page in about 24 hours, i'll either be at EvilDog's, cowering in fear of his new thong, or i'll be back home with the hundreds of pictures i'm bound to take, shamelessly whoring out every single person at the meet.

Sorry about the huge delay, MM is writing the last 3 chapters and because internet is hard to access at home right now he's having some trouble getting them done, but rest assured they will be done.

I may end up writing chapter 8 after all, will let you know.

Later guys :]


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My new years was pretty sick, went to my best mates girlfriend's house, got fucking wrecked and stumbled home via a 20 pound cab at 3am, instantly put on some dragonforce (i think it was them..) and air guitared around the place, not the best choice when my neighbors are elderly and sleeping, but fuck em' it was new years :D

Right yes, the update!

The chapter will be up before the week begins, one way or another it'll be sorted, we've just been having some time off due to it being the holidays.

As soon as sarai's chapter up Mast3rmind will be writing the final 2 chapters of act 1 so act 2 is set up nice and neatly for the new writers.

And you'll have all the information of act 2 from here just as soon too ;]

so keep checking back because it will be up soon, have a good new year people!


Sarai has posted her explosive new chapter, the second part to chapter 6, check out her page here

After Mast3rmind has written chapter 7, Sarai will be the next one to write, not me.

Because Mast3rmind is setting up the cliffhanger/new plot for Act 2, and the writers for that act will be announced soon, but yours truly will still be giving you the regular updates.

So yeah, expect Mast3rminds chapter up in the next 24 hours, then Sarai's soon after....then MM's final 2 after that...

haha just roll with it XD

Act 1 should be all done and dusted before xmas arrives, giving the new writers a great start for Act 2 (name will be announced soon).

As always, keep recruiting, promoting, and enjoying.

You'll see this in sigs, on staff news posts (if we're lucky) and on the main news post page from our friends, take care for now, and enjoy the first half of Act 1!

FAQ, Join up page, Prologue and Chapters 2 & 6 part 1 can be found here

Chapters 1, 4 and 5 can be found here

Chapters 3 and 6 part 2 can be found here

The New Chapter and a little news...

Chapter 6 Part 1: Tough Choices

2008-12-18 09:09:43 by Dangan

"Get tough, become so strong you tower over your peers and subordinates, make sure you never have to take orders again, then you will understand why i am doing this to you."

Those were my fathers words as his perverted way of toughening me up was to hunt me down like a common animal, leave me for days in the wilderness to fend for myself until he came to get me, only to lull me into a false sense of security and repeat the same sick process again and again.

I was 13 when i ended his life, i had become so sick of his games, and i had finally worked up the courage to tell the girl in the C & C city how i felt, her name was Emma and she said she felt the same, the lovely feeling was short lived however, as my father caught wind of the situation and decided the ultimate way to strengthen me and harden my heart was to take away the things i valued most, her being on the top of the list.
I remember the day as clear as a pool of undisturbed water...

I ran home from the city as soon as i heard from one of her friends that she'd seen Emma get into a car with a man who looked a lot like my father.
I Stepped into the living room to find her lifeless body on the floor, eyes widened with shock and mouth shut tight, her body hard from the rigor mortise.
Her blood was spattered over every wall and piece of furniture we had in the house, i averted my eyes away from her body to take in the rest of the horror scene, and as i gazed upon the ceiling i saw it, the message that nearly drove me to insanity.


The word WEAK repeated across the ceiling in different ways, all screaming at me from every angle...
..and it was then i knew what i had to do.

I ran as fast as my feet would carry me to the one place i knew my father would be; the field just past our back garden.

Grabbing my hunting knife and a marker pen lying on the ground near the fence i leaped over and carried on bounding tactfully between the grass and tree's.
Thats when i saw him, standing with his head down, blood on his hands and over his torso, slowly dripping onto the now red grass beneath him, all the while laughing maniacally.
I hit the ground as soon as i saw his left hand twitch, the grip on his carving knife tightened as did the grip on mine.
He lifted his head to sport a pair of wide bloodshot eyes, a widened toothy grin and Emma's blood dripping down his face...and out of his mouth...


I wasted no time going for the kill, i jumped from where i was hiding and bounded for the back of his left leg, my knife met it's target with a plunge, digging deep into his calf.
His scream was satisfying to hear, but not enough yet...
I grabbed my marker pen and took some of the blood now spurting from his leg and placed it around the tip of the marker, hastily drawing something on the back of both of his calves.

He caught on quickly, and fought through the blinding pain to see what i was doing, his mad eyes now turning to fixate on me.
Raising his right leg he made to kick me, but i foresaw this and stabbed him in the exact same place i had done with his left leg, once again scribbling down the same as i was on his left leg.

As soon as i was done i dashed to face him, he was too busy in pain to see me lunge for both of his biceps now, much faster and deeper than his calves made his screams even louder.
He finally gave into the pain and fell to the floor, with my knee on his throat i scribbled the same sign as before on both of his biceps and his chest before quickly retreating to a safe distance.

I gave him a few moments to realise what i was doing, to reflect and to speak, the last thing he ever said to me was;


It didn't matter to me, the transmutation circles on his body would do their job in a moment and i would be free of him, his parenting methods had given me that killer instinct, i just had the common sense to know right from wrong, but i did miss my malice from time to time and i could not hide from the joy it brought me, in this case however it was for a just cause, so i allowed it to take me over.

I drew a 6th transmutation circle on the ground beneath me and placed both of my hands on it's edge, it began to illuminate the grass and soil around it whilst illuminating the limbs on my father.
His arms and legs began to expand, larger and larger in conjunction with his screams before mutating horribly and bursting in a mass of gore.
His chest however did not expand, it was his heart that did, i made it so his heart would just continuously fill with blood until it not only suffocated him but also started growing until it hit his ribcage and burst, letting all the remaining blood fill his orephis'.

His disfigured body lying on the ground i walked away, and after burying Emma properly and explaining what had happened, i dissapeared.
That was nearly a decade ago now and in that time i have had to make several choices that were unorthodox, unethical and downright wrong.
But they have brought me closer to rising through the ranks and ultimately towards my final goal.

I'm now within striking distance of that goal, and nothing will stop me from achieving it...absolutely nothing.

My name is Matt Gresa, and within 63 hours i will have captured the fugitives, and killed any who oppose me.

For now, me and my men march towards our agents location for information that will lead us straight towards the enemy.

And maybe me and mast3rmind can have a little talk about our days in the precinct....

A Little Update...

2008-12-17 17:58:46 by Dangan

Something has came up which i gotta attend to, and as such has delayed me from writing the next chapter, since i still want to do my two parter on the next chapter i will be letting mast3rmind write the next one until i have some free time come friday evening to carry on.

Mast3rminds chapter will be up soon, sorry again.

For a rather vague reason, The Brotherhood of the Portal spearheaded by Tom is marching to capture the several ex-members who are a threat to their society, unknown to them however, there is an entire legion of ex-members, free-lancers, and mercenaries who would gladly bring down this brotherhood, and they are all moving....

The rain is starting to let up slightly now as the steely gray sky above turns darker, indicating that night is taking over, unfortunately for these poor souls, there will be no light to guide them to their destination, only their instinct and the screams of helpless people in the far off distance.

In a makeshift shelter, Oliver sits with one knee to his chest, the other stretched out comfortably and a pair of custom headphones around his ears, the manic street preachers' "If you tolerate this" tune sending sound waves through his ears, his left foot tapping to the tune as he sat and stared out at his blank landscape, desolate and lifeless, kind of how he was feeling at the moment.

Oliver: Damn, i know how that guitarist must've felt now...All alone in the world and nobody having a clue where you are...but maybe this is for my own benefit?
For all i know, that freakish cult could come after me too, or worse...the ones who deserted them may find me....man those guys are a bunch of psychopaths for leaving that sort of group...

He shuddered, partly because of the rain, partly due to the thought of what that brotherhood will do to him if they find him, it passed though and eventually he began to feel nostalgic again, the fear evaporating as quickly as the ever softer rain hit the concrete.

Oliver: If i stay here much longer, i know they're going to find me, but i need to figure out where i'm going to go from here, do i try my luck with the deserters? Or do i find and form my own faction?
Wait...thats it! I get together a bunch of people who think the way i do and become strong enough to hold our own against anyone!

He got to his feet and brushed the dirt off of his clothes, upon closer inspection it can be seen he's wearing a rather smart attire, black shined loafers coupled with a of cream trousers, a pair of braces could be seen covering a white buttoned shirt, with a pinstriped brown waistcoat hiding the majority of it from view, his brown hair spiking in all directions, giving him a bed-head look, suddenly hidden as he put on his black saloon style hat.

He picked up his weapons of choice; 2 sai's and a satchel containing all sorts of interesting pieces of metal and machinery, most likely used for traps.

Oliver: Well, i guess it's time to begin my crusade...i guess I'll start with the town a few miles north, there's bound to be a few like minded individuals there, and if anyone opposes me....

He puts his sai away in two separate holsters on either side of his hips.

Oliver:...I'll eradicate them...

The night sky now only showing signs of life with each rumble of thunder heard, possibly emphasizing the seriousness of Oli's statement.

He left his makeshift shelter and started to sprint across the wasteland, and out of sight.

A few miles away in the town that Oliver was now running towards, a new arrival was coming into existence inside a small house.
The thunder and lightning that had been present during Tom's speech and Oli's resting point were signifying something new was coming to this broken world, and it's name was Micek.

Screams were heard throughout the small town, and normally this would have been a worrying situation, however a single scream could not be heard over the hundreds already echoing through the night, all at the hands of two men doing the brotherhoods dirty work...

The now abandoned house was filled with strange lights and a grown man screaming his lungs out as his body slowly began forming, the lights guiding every fiber of his being into existence.
Within a few minutes he was fully integrated into the room, and he dropped to the floor, his large rune designed Axe dropping with a large thud beside him as he coughed and gasped for air.

He took in his surroundings slowly, beginning to understand where he was and why he was there, he slowly got to his feet and looked out the window at the carnage below, the army slaughtering innocent people.
His fist tightened into a ball and shook with anger, he turned from the window and picked up his Axe, knowing now what he had to do to put things right here...

A soldier runs up to an average built man wearing a thick leather jacket with a tunnel snake hairstyle, kicking the stomach of a man lying on the ground in agony.

Solider: Lieutenant Colonel Mendou! I have some news from our scouts sir!

Josh: Tell it to the Major, i'm busy interrogating.

He continues to kick the near-dead man who has begun coughing up mass amounts of blood, he kneels down and picks the man up by the scruff of his clothes, holding him high above Josh's own height.

Josh: We know you have seen at least one of the fugitives come through here, the girl bought something from you, what was it?
I will only ask you one more time, so do not try to test my patience...

Man: *cough* I...I don't know what you're talking about you madman!

Josh:....Wrong answer

He pulls out his revolver and places it over the mans left eye

Josh: This will be the last thing you'll ever see

The gunshot rang out across the town as the mans brains splattered across the ground and his body fell limp.

Josh threw the body aside and walked away sighing.

Josh: This is all too much work for me....If anyone needs me i will be in my quarters.

The soldier approached Matt, who was already deep in conversation with two subordinates

Soldier: Major Gresa! I have some news from one of our scouts?

Without turning to look at him he spoke back to the soldier

Matt: Talk.

Soldier: He claims he spotted the old Sergeant going to the abandoned NG MAG building, what should we do?

Matt: Round up any soldiers you have and report back to me, we are going to storm that building and take them before they even have a chance to breathe, GO!

The soldier gave him a short salute while shouting "SIR!" before running off through the carnage and out of sight.

Matt stood there, deep in thought

Matt: Mast3rmind...what the hell are you thinking?

Next chapter to be written by Sarai, so check out her page for it in the few hours.

If anythings out of place let me know and i'll be happy to put it right.

Those who are not included in this chapter will be introduced at a later date, i promise.

Keep bringing more users to us everyone!

- Dangan

Prelude To Madness

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly we can be completely overcome with emotion at the tip of a hat, sadness can fill our lives when the doctor walks out of the surgery room to tell you they've passed away, joy and happiness can illuminate your life when that special someone says that they love you too, love can in engulf you when your child is brought into the world and you become a father and pain can possess you when you're faced with the kind of decisions a rebellion group now has to make in order to survive the oncoming onslaught humanity will have to endure from an insane cult, this is where our story begins...

The rain is falling down hard, crashing against the unforgiving pavement, it's surface never changing and it's screams never heard as hail now pummels the concrete, followed by the unison of footsteps marching towards the collosal stadium just a stones throw away.

Inside, a podium has been raised in the fathernost corner, allowing the 60,000 strong crowd of supporters pour into the stadium, and as they are almost all there, a medium built tall man in his 30's steps towards the podium, the large wide screen TV behind him usually on with advertisements was now showing a live steam of his image, his messy black hair flattened under the pressure of the rain, his voice however did not falter as it carried around the gargantuan stadium like a force of nature as he spoke to the restless crowd:

"my brothers and sisters you have gathered here for a reason, because you all have a purpose, a vision, a common interest!.
You ALL desire change in this broken & convoluted world, and you all know I am the one to give you that!."

Cheers and chants from the crowd echo around the stadium as the man pauses for a brief moment, before raising a hand to silence them all as he continued:

"you have given me ample time to create the army of unrelenting force, size and power, I have came through for you, and now there is only one phase left..."

He paused again, however this time the crowd was not cheering, they were waiting with baited breathe for the words they'd longed to hear since the project proposal back in 2002, nearly a decade ago...

The man has his head bowed in silence, and then, as the lightning struck down, he raised his head, illuminating half of his face as evil eyes bore into the crowd like headlights.

He slammed his fists down on the podium and proclaimed:


The Crowd screams it's approval and awaits the final word from their leader.

"What started out as a simple online forum has grown into a fully fledged empire which will enslave the world, now march my brothers and sisters! KILL ANY YOU FIND, IN
72 HOURS, THIS WORLD IS OURS! Take your weapon and become my militia!"

The crowd dispersed quickly, grabbing the weapons being given to them by the mans security, their shirts, tattoos and weapons engraved in the logo of a very familiar tank, two letters below it in gold reading and a
small quote below it:

"Defending our portal since 99'"

Members of the crowd look back to take a look at the screen behind the podium now turned on, images of several familiar faces flashed up in the screen.

Dangan, Lost_chances, Mast3rmind, Canas, Sarai, Barenakedmike and BBM all appeared up on the screen, with the words "THREAT TO THE BROTHERHOOD" written in blood red letters below, the final 4 words flashing up on the screen in bright White letters:


Chapter 1 is on Mast3rminds Userpage

Enjoy, and let the whoring of your own alias's begin :D

Final BBS Story, Will attempt to break length record, READREADREAD

2008-12-11 19:49:16 by Dangan

Hey there, not many users past 07' are going to know me that well, but thankfully i know a handful of the regs and mods so introductions become easier.

Well i'm Dangan and out of sheer boredom and curiosity i am going to try and make a 50+ chapter BBS Story between me and two fantastic writers, Sarai & Mast3rmind

We may be working with Lost_Chances and Andersson in the future but i'll post an update on that as we progress.

Mast3rmind is responsible for one of the most memorable stories on the BBS in the past few years, he wrote Battle Royale and Battle Royale: Blood Alliances.

Sarai you all know as your loveable moderator from a year or two back, she also writes some incredible stuff and you should seriously check her out.

We will all post our chapters separately as we progress, and we will make sure the news post is viewable from the front page so we are able to continue to bring new readers and potential characters to the story.

Thats right, if you wish to be in the story all you need to do is give us both your Username and First name and a little background info (nothing big and we might not use it), and you will be included in the story.

Because this is not the forums and we have a fuck load more room to type, the chapters are going to probably be longer, though we will make them as long as we please if i'm honest.

I will set out some simple rules and the FAQ before stupid questions are asked, and no, i am not about to give out silly rules like in a role playing game you play over teh internet's, it's just simple shit that an inbred monkey could follow so that we can quite simply entertain you as best we can without distractions.


1: This one is very simple, post abusive bullshit or retarded comments like "LOL WTF TLTR" or anything along that line and you'll be banned on the spot, the great thing about posting this on a blog is we don't have to put up with page after page of little kids waving their 2 inch dicks about trying to get a funny +1 post.

2: By all means read only to find your little mention, but don't bitch to any of us on how to do the story, how to write your character, or why he/she has died.
If we kill them off, they're killed off, deal with it.

3: When we've said that we don't need anymore characters, don't start posting more comments asking if you can be included, we will keep your details and put you in later on.

4: In relation to number 1, don't spam or leave stupid shit like "....and then they were all butt raped by BigBadRon, teh edn.

The others may have different rules, those are mine, clean and simple.


Why are you doing this?

Why not? it's something to do to improve my own writing skill and Sarai's/Mast3rminds, if it's entertaining people i don't see a problem with it.

You do know nobody will read this? There's too much to read and they'll only want to see their name if they do read.

I don't care, it's not just for their benefit, we're writing it for fun more than anything, and it's in that sense that if someone reads it just for their part, good for them, it means that every user will read every line waiting for their mention.

You're a fucking faggot for writing a fantasy story?

And yet you watch TV Shows and see movies every single day that are fantasy?
Using your brain to do something decent isn't gay, being a fucking moron however is.

I'll spam your page or brew up a bitch storm if i die in the story?

*Waves Banning Stick*

I might add more to this at some point but thats all i can think of for the moment.

I'll be posting the Prologue here, Mast3rmind will be posting the first chapter in his news post, you'll know what chapters what by reading the last part of the post which will say who's next, or just by looking at the front page where the news posts are.

Next post has epilogue, enjoy






Final BBS Story, Will attempt to break length record, READREADREAD


2008-08-25 21:04:37 by Dangan

Hello, yes i have returned for another sporadic 5 minute period before wandering off to the small dark place i came from to sit and rock back and forth in a mentally unstable state :D

Just heard about the london meetup on the saturday (coincidentally my birthday), who's going?

Seeing as im not going out drinking till the late evening i figured i might mosey on down and say hai to the NG'ers visiting.

So, if you're going i imagine i will see you there.

Also, has anyone been kept up to date on the gary glitter story? wtf they're actually deporting him back here? yeah thats a great idea....send him to one of the countries that will stab him as soon as he gets into the terminal area :|

mind you seeing as the guy liked touching vietnamese children with his naughty hands i suppose that would be a godsend.

So, thankyou in advance to the little fucker with a knife who stabs gary glitter in his Aids infected colon :D.

Really not a clue what the fuck i'm going on about.

Also my book will hopefully be on various shelves in stores around england soon....emphasis on the hopefully.

The Aronshike Archives Book 1: The Black Mage

look out for it, read it and then burn it.

See you at the meetup...or around NG, either is good.


/* */