Final BBS Story, Will attempt to break length record, READREADREAD

2008-12-11 19:49:16 by Dangan

Hey there, not many users past 07' are going to know me that well, but thankfully i know a handful of the regs and mods so introductions become easier.

Well i'm Dangan and out of sheer boredom and curiosity i am going to try and make a 50+ chapter BBS Story between me and two fantastic writers, Sarai & Mast3rmind

We may be working with Lost_Chances and Andersson in the future but i'll post an update on that as we progress.

Mast3rmind is responsible for one of the most memorable stories on the BBS in the past few years, he wrote Battle Royale and Battle Royale: Blood Alliances.

Sarai you all know as your loveable moderator from a year or two back, she also writes some incredible stuff and you should seriously check her out.

We will all post our chapters separately as we progress, and we will make sure the news post is viewable from the front page so we are able to continue to bring new readers and potential characters to the story.

Thats right, if you wish to be in the story all you need to do is give us both your Username and First name and a little background info (nothing big and we might not use it), and you will be included in the story.

Because this is not the forums and we have a fuck load more room to type, the chapters are going to probably be longer, though we will make them as long as we please if i'm honest.

I will set out some simple rules and the FAQ before stupid questions are asked, and no, i am not about to give out silly rules like in a role playing game you play over teh internet's, it's just simple shit that an inbred monkey could follow so that we can quite simply entertain you as best we can without distractions.


1: This one is very simple, post abusive bullshit or retarded comments like "LOL WTF TLTR" or anything along that line and you'll be banned on the spot, the great thing about posting this on a blog is we don't have to put up with page after page of little kids waving their 2 inch dicks about trying to get a funny +1 post.

2: By all means read only to find your little mention, but don't bitch to any of us on how to do the story, how to write your character, or why he/she has died.
If we kill them off, they're killed off, deal with it.

3: When we've said that we don't need anymore characters, don't start posting more comments asking if you can be included, we will keep your details and put you in later on.

4: In relation to number 1, don't spam or leave stupid shit like "....and then they were all butt raped by BigBadRon, teh edn.

The others may have different rules, those are mine, clean and simple.


Why are you doing this?

Why not? it's something to do to improve my own writing skill and Sarai's/Mast3rminds, if it's entertaining people i don't see a problem with it.

You do know nobody will read this? There's too much to read and they'll only want to see their name if they do read.

I don't care, it's not just for their benefit, we're writing it for fun more than anything, and it's in that sense that if someone reads it just for their part, good for them, it means that every user will read every line waiting for their mention.

You're a fucking faggot for writing a fantasy story?

And yet you watch TV Shows and see movies every single day that are fantasy?
Using your brain to do something decent isn't gay, being a fucking moron however is.

I'll spam your page or brew up a bitch storm if i die in the story?

*Waves Banning Stick*

I might add more to this at some point but thats all i can think of for the moment.

I'll be posting the Prologue here, Mast3rmind will be posting the first chapter in his news post, you'll know what chapters what by reading the last part of the post which will say who's next, or just by looking at the front page where the news posts are.

Next post has epilogue, enjoy






Final BBS Story, Will attempt to break length record, READREADREAD


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2008-12-11 20:28:49

Can I join?

Dangan responds:

Yep, just leave your real name (or just type PICONJO if you want it as your alias)

And a little background info, just stuff you want included in the story.

Weapon of choice too


2008-12-11 20:41:10

ok, i decided to make a character, hes a bee called jamesbee (lol lame pun) heres an example of him, /ngbbs492bbd112c991.jpg (not my picture belongs to dreaming-loudly)

Dangan responds:

alright thats fine, we'll probs shorten it to JB, you sure you want to be a half bee half boy thing? we weren't really going for the superpowers angle...


2008-12-11 20:55:48


My real name is Katie.

I want to villain in the story.

As far as looks, I have blue eyes, long platinum hair, and I'm white, medium height.

I want my character to be manipulative, cunning, and sadistic.

Weapon of choice: sword.

Other than that, be creative :3

Dangan responds:




We had this discussion so you know how it's going down.

Noted and included.


2008-12-11 23:59:40

Heh, I might get in on this.

The names Josh

Guess I'll also be an atagonist.(Or whatever you think my guy will fit better for)

I'm of medium height, black hair with sideburns. Basically make me look like a greaser(Leather jacket, black pants etc)

I want my character's personality to be lazy, uncaring, but sharp and knows when he needs to act serious. He holds a strict "no alcohol" policy and doesn't like to drink it, nor see people drink it. Spends his time hanging around burger joints(like DQ) talking about the good old days and how he feels the music industry has gone to shit(His favorite music artist is the Velvet Underground).

Weapon of choice: Revolver, something like this 6_Wesson_Model_29

Dangan responds:

Sounds good, it's better to write to when it's descriptive, i'll make sure you have a good part to play :D

Tell some of the other regs too, the more the better.

Chapter 1 should be on Mast3rminds page in a few hours, Chapter 2 (which will introduce a lot of the new guys) will be on my page in a few hours too.


2008-12-12 00:48:43

Well, this sounds nice.

Very well, real name's Seth.

I'm rather tall, and have quite a bit of a belly.

Blue eyes that are squinted badly most of the time, dark brown hair that's medium length.

He'll wear a Jean jacket almost all the time, with treasured brown cowboy boots that he has an immense distaste of getting blood, vomit, or anything gross or smelly on. Lord help people that cause any such messes.

He's also a little paranoid about his food, and about being clean.
Funnily enough, same doesn't apply to his drinks, as he will drink dangerous amounts of booze to ease his chronic pain...

My character is quite the jerk almost all the time, but he's actually a nice person if he feels that the person he's directing positive feelings to actually deserves it.

He hates hats in almost all instances that they are not used to protect the head. Ball caps are what he despises the most, especially if they aren't worn 'properly'.

Also, he has no tolerance for criminals that clearly prey on the weak.

His favorite genres of music are old-school country (Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, Merle Haggard et al) and Jazz. He hates most 'modern rock' and new country. Keeps an open mind about all other genres, tough.

Smart mouths to the people he actually likes as a way of expressing his affection.

His weapon of choice is a heavy Axe that he uses one handed.

Feel free to come up with whatever crazy reason you could have for him using a huge Axe with one hand.

Basically, he's a cowboy that's an alcoholic neatfreak that's really a jerkass with a heart of gold that hates hats and modern rock.


Dangan responds:

So you want something like Spike from Cowboy bebop? ok that works, thanks for the detailed description.

also, it says on your pro that you're a girl? :S...


2008-12-12 14:21:18

My name is Oliver.

I tend to not take sides in person - I'm quite neutral. I'm a calm person but highly playful although I tend to have a dark sense of humour.

I have blue eyes, brown hair, I'm 6ft.

My main interests are music, film, literature and anything to do with media.

This'll be fun to see in the end, good luck, man.


2008-12-12 23:46:32

Can I be in it? My real name is Zack and my favorite weapon(s) of choice are 2 dual-wielded sawn-off shotguns.

Dangan responds:

Thanks for offering to take part, we'll include you in the later chapters.


2008-12-13 11:28:29

My real name is Rigel. If that's awkward, 'Beta' works fine.

I'm 5' 7", 140 lbs, athletic build. Age 21. I'm half Chinese and half German.

I'm the guy in the tan. Sorry the video sucks, but I didn't edit it. Also, I don't normally act like that. ITR_M&feature=channel_page

As you can see, I have moderate amounts of self-training in parkour and related disciplines, and have improved quite a bit since that video. I also hold a black belt in Tae Kwon Do from almost 5 years ago, though I have since significantly altered my fighting style to incorporate more running around and distancing myself. The combination allows me to evade attack while picking off enemies slowly, never allowing myself to be cornered or ganged up on. I CANNOT be expected to adequately deal with an advanced level fighter, and in that case, I either escape or deploy a pair of Kershaw 1470 Storms (folding knives). Otherwise, I try to fight fair, but my survival and my physical appearance come first.

Weapons that I happen to own are the above mentioned knives, a damaged katana, a standard issue grappling hook (which I absolutely suck with), and a healthy assortment of fireworks including some really handy smoke grenades that ignite via a pull string.

As far as personality, I'm very egotistical and full of myself, even more so than the average really smart/good looking/talented guy, but I keep it to myself unless someone actually asks. Sometimes the shit that comes out of my mouth when someone asks though, is so straightly stated and ridiculously self-exalting that people can't even tell that I'm dead serious. Probably because I sound very sure of myself no matter what I'm saying. Since I think I'm better than everyone, I DO NOT get along with, or even tolerate, people who are abnormally stupid, fat, ugly, or otherwise deficient in any immediately noticeable way, UNLESS they have very strong redeeming factors in other areas i.e. if you're kinda fat, I can deal with it if you have loads of common sense or are really articulate. Extreme fat-ness is simply not tolerable though. I tend to keep a cool head at all times of conflict, but am slightly volatile otherwise.

I speak much in the way that I type. I'm not one of those asshole sesquipedalians that goes out his way to use big words or awkward phrases, but I like the words I choose to accurately and efficiently convey my point.

I have an advanced knowledge in the hard sciences, especially physics/astronomy (not astrology), philosophy, film, media, and anatomy. I also know a shitload of shit about zombies. The only areas that I could honestly say I know close to nothing about are programming and pop-culture. Everything else is at least slightly above average.

All things said, I get along great with cool, intelligent people only. Others need to prove themselves or I'll just distance myself from them, or frankly point out all their flaws and tell them to fuck off, if they are too clingy and can't take a hint. I have this issue with lying, meaning that even for the sake of ettiquette or feelings, I will not lie.

So yeah, sorry it was so long, but I hope you got a clear idea of who I am, and I hope you give me a descent-length part to play. I'd like, possible, not to be bogged down to one side, if you have 'sides', because I tend to just do what I want. Not that I'm untrustworthy, or a backstabber, but I refuse to commit to anyone else's cause.

If for any insane reason you want more details, PM me.

Good luck with this endeavor.

(Updated ) Dangan responds:

Very much appreciated for the lengthy description, i will make sure to follow your specs as best i can, and simply because you put a substantial amount of effort into writing your description/background and personality, i will make sure your character is a prominent figure for quite some time.

And if that is you doing all of the parkour in your video, i must say i am extremely impressed, i studied martial arts myself when i was younger, mainly Ba Guan, Hapkido, Shotokan and some Kyokoshinkai, but i always admired Parkour, just never really knew anyone who was mastered in the style.

Chapter 1 is up on mast3rminds page, 2 will be up on this page in an hour or so.

Thanks for the support, drop me a message sometime if you want to be kept up to date with all the details and whatnot, take care Rigel.


2008-12-13 11:55:54

My name is Micek.

I want to be a hero in the story.

I have Black hair, Caucasian skin, Hazel eyes and a muscular build.

My personallity is loyal, cunning and a smartass.

My personal weapon of choice is a Double Sided Axe with a badass design.

Also, I was conceived many centuries ago, but somehow entered an inter-dimensional rift in time and space and landed in the present day wherever your location will be.

You don't have to use the time travel, but I think it might help move the story along.

Dangan responds:

We'll put you in with the rest of the major heroes because you're an early one, i'll see what i can do about the time travel bit, it sounds interesting but i think i have a decent way of adding your character into the story from centuries ago and still keep it true to the story, but i'll let you be the judge of that.

PM me if you'd like to be kept up to date and whatnot, all the best there Micek.

Chapter 1 is up on mast3rminds page, 2 will be up on this page in an hour or so.


2008-12-13 19:55:27

Name: Alexander.
Personality: Let me kill things. NOW. And get me a slice of pizza.
Appearance: Black hair, tall, sleeveless black shirt, black shorts, chain necklace, brass knuckles (not weapon of choice), sneakers with spike built into the front and sides, chain in pocket.
Weapon of choice: Two swords connected by chains.
Favuorite quote: "Well, kiss my ass and just die, why don't ya?


2008-12-13 19:58:11

I forgot! I don't wanna be a villain, just a hero.


2008-12-14 13:32:36

Name: Steve Leopard
Weapon: Throwing knives
Info: This computer addicted 15-year-old kid wants to help the good side.
He likes dogs.


2008-12-14 20:10:58

Sorry for posting in your other page I just realized I should of signed up here.

My name is Scott Carroll. I'm tall for a 9th grader , I'm in 9th grade ( Lol. )

I play guitar , I have blue eyes and shaggy brown hair , check my profile for a picture of me.

I smoke a lot of weed , and drink a lot of beer.

I get in trouble a lot in school and my father likes to beat me when he gets angry.

I play a lot of videogames.

PM me for anything else if you want. I don't really care where I am in the story , just make me a person who randomly gets hit by a car or some shit , I don't care. :P


2008-12-14 20:12:57

I forgot to add. I'm skinny. Really skinny. And I work out a bit , not exactly super buff but I have a bit of muscle and a 4 pac.


2008-12-14 21:03:04

Haven't read any BBS stories in a while, suppose if it's a collab between 3 writers and it's going to be long (generally means a lot more thought put into it than "AND DEN DERE WUZ A BIG GUNFITE, PEW PEW!" and better detail), it's worth going back for.

Should you choose to include me:

My real name is Brandon DeGroot, nickname Leroy, it came about in a really stupid way that to this day nobody really understands, not even the people that started it.

I am abso-fucking-lutely nuts over hockey. Season ticket holder for the Albany River Rats of the AHL and will murder my throad night after night harassing players from the other team, which tends to surprise most of my real life friends as they see me as very timid and very difficult to anger (actually, about 2 months ago, one of my best, longest friends of about 13 years now said that he's never seen me angry).

I'm also very into paintball, but not as much as hockey.

I'm a bigtime gamer.

I'm completely against drinking alcohol, and would never do it myself, although if others drink around me, I tend not to really care all that much unless it's been consistent within that person's life that drinking alcohol has caused some rough patches either for themselves or others around them frequently and is known to them that this is why.

I'm a Christian. I don't go to church at all or really publicly display my religion at all, but I pray every night and will try to make a comeback on atheists who will try to denounce religion (especially when they say "if God exists, then right now he would blah blah blah". It's so stupid of an argument, it's no different than saying "If you do a handstand naked whistling yankee doodle while eating a tuna sandwich, then you are Japanese")

I'll really listen to mostly any music, although I am primarily a metalhead. I'm probably the only guy in the world who's had both a Mozart piece and Triple Corpse Hammerblow on an ipod at the same time. I tend to take preference toward Scandinavian metal bands such as Finntroll, Chidlren of Bodom, and Stratovarius, although most metal will suffice, unless it's pure hardcore death metal, and its "rhythm" consists pretty much of "guitar players just repeatedly play every low note randomly as fast as you can". Most AC/DC songs though will match most metal that I listen to.

I also write in my spare time, I currently am working on a story that is, right now, 24 pages over 2 chapters, hoping to keep refining it and keep working on it and have it hopefully published one day, although I'm not expecting it.

I generally tend to prefer comedy movies to any other movies not named 300 or Miracle (which I like as a movie, not just because hockey is in it, although I'm not even gonna lie, that's part of it).

Favorite weapons, I'd have to say that although I prefer sniping to direct confrontation, I prefer assault rifles better as weapons, preferably something American or German made (no, not because I'm a hardcore patriot or because Germany was so huge and powerful in the World Wars, I'm just not really a big fan of AK-47's or RPD's.)

Whenever I'm playing a video game based upon war in a world where guns exist, I favor any missions that consist of defending a certain position for a certain amount of time. Something about a seemingly impossible defense of a fortified hilltop against wave after wave after wave of enemies seems to bee incredibly awesome to me.

Hope to see myself in there, and happy writings!

Dangan responds:

Nath (mast3rmind) was nice enough to put you into the story right off the bat, his chapter is on his page, i think you'll enjoy where im going to take the story now.

Next chapter is a two parter on my end, to save everyone jumping from place to place so much, also recruit anyone you can to come to the story, the more the better :D

Thanks for the enthusiasm, we really appreciate it, all the best.


2008-12-15 18:24:56

I wanna join:!!!!!!!!! <3 <3

Name: Joe Costello

Weapon of Choice: TMP

Despcription: A fast, up beat guy. A skiny, but yet muscular man from his wrestling in high school. Keep on survival. ...And partys ^_^


2008-12-16 15:27:58

My name is Gary.

Evil probably best fits me.

Shaggy brown hair, long chinstrap goatee, thick sideburns, blue eyes, tall and thin.

In terms of personality, a sadistic and verbose killer with single-minded devotion to whatever his current goal is.

Weapon of choice: butterfly knife


2008-12-20 13:50:39

Hello, hello! If still possible, I would like to be in this. My real name is Nicholas, and my username is WolfwoodNick (Not original at all, I'm sorry). He will be whichever disposition you choose, Good or Evil, Hero or Villain, I want you to decide, if that's alright. Now, for a description.

WolfwoodNick (Nicholas) is average sized, around 5'11", weighing 135 pounds. He is not very good at using weapons, but a weapon he is alright at using is a small dagger, fairly sharp but with almost no range at all. He likes things to be perfectly aligned, and will often stop to straighten out crooked objects. He is apologetic, and is considered antisocial. However, although he is cold and uninviting towards strangers, he is kind and loyal to those who talked to him long enough to make them his friend. Even so, there aren't many who have tried.


2008-12-20 22:51:27

I would like to join this adventure, sir.

My name is Zack/Zachery/Zacherieh. Feel free to use them all. Just don't spell them wrong. Or else.
Short brown hair, generally a crew cut slightly grown out.
Green eyes, and glasses.
I'm tall-ish, around 6 feet now.
Large build, wide shoulders and waist and such.
And i'm as white as they come, without being albino.

I want my character to adore anything purple. He should be calm and collected, but incrediably insane, ruthless, and angry. In essence, a freak of nature. Possibly a serial killer. I suppose that'd make him a villian. He is, however, extremely protective of friends and loved ones. He should wear a simple black suit with a purple tie and undershirt, or urban camo cargo pants and a white hanes shirt. It really depends on teh situation. He should always have a pair of Vans on, or a similar style of shoe.

His weapon of choice is a sword with a handle/hilt made from a solid piece of onyx, and a blade of pure amethyst(I told you he adored purple) infused with shards of bone.
Katie should totally be his sister. ;3

I guess that's about it.

Thank you for your time sir.


2008-12-20 22:58:38

I forgot to mention that he should be extremely intelligent, and somewhat outgoing when not in pain, or fighting any of his urges.


2008-12-26 13:59:31


Since your MSN hates me, I wouldn't be away between now and next Saturday.


2008-12-30 21:45:42

sorry for sending that message. As you already know I want to join all the character information is on my 4th post, and I wanted to say some more things about the character, his personality is: a bit gloomy, he will sacrifice himself for what he thinks is right (though don't kill him first thing if he is in it,) one of his main flaws is he wont fight a disarmed opponent.


2009-01-19 18:01:41

Sure jaysus, out of sheer boredom and wanting to see a character who isn't ''slim, dark and muscular'', I'm in.

The Sensitive Psycho

8 foot tall, massively overweight. Balding. Extremely perverted. I'm thinking supplierof equipment and reciever of slaps in the face.

Weapon of choice: imagine a cross between a duckfoot: mages/duckfoot.gif
and Dirty Harry's gun: /commons/c/c7/S&W-44-magnum.jpg

Dirty tank-top, tracksuit bottoms.

Aaaaaand if you want any help writing, I'm not too bad at that sort of thing.

Apologies for the lack of clicky-links, I'm computer-retarded.


2009-01-19 18:09:47

I'd love to join and be part of the creative process!!!

My real name is Calvin

I have blue eyes and brown hair, along with sideburns.

I am not very very good socially, but am very intelligent. Besically, I am your average nerd. I can be very creative if I apply myself, and do lots of research on miscellaneous subjects, mostly history. For the past few years I've been wandering around, writing a book documenting all of the major events in history, from the past and the present.

I wear a white robe, along with brown boots and loose black pants. I use healing magic most of the time, but am very handy with a Shortsword.

I'd like to be one of the "good guys" in the story, if at all possible. Thanks for considering me!