[Running Underground] Act 1: End Game - Chapter 2: And so it begins...

2008-12-13 15:06:50 by Dangan

For a rather vague reason, The Brotherhood of the Portal spearheaded by Tom is marching to capture the several ex-members who are a threat to their society, unknown to them however, there is an entire legion of ex-members, free-lancers, and mercenaries who would gladly bring down this brotherhood, and they are all moving....

The rain is starting to let up slightly now as the steely gray sky above turns darker, indicating that night is taking over, unfortunately for these poor souls, there will be no light to guide them to their destination, only their instinct and the screams of helpless people in the far off distance.

In a makeshift shelter, Oliver sits with one knee to his chest, the other stretched out comfortably and a pair of custom headphones around his ears, the manic street preachers' "If you tolerate this" tune sending sound waves through his ears, his left foot tapping to the tune as he sat and stared out at his blank landscape, desolate and lifeless, kind of how he was feeling at the moment.

Oliver: Damn, i know how that guitarist must've felt now...All alone in the world and nobody having a clue where you are...but maybe this is for my own benefit?
For all i know, that freakish cult could come after me too, or worse...the ones who deserted them may find me....man those guys are a bunch of psychopaths for leaving that sort of group...

He shuddered, partly because of the rain, partly due to the thought of what that brotherhood will do to him if they find him, it passed though and eventually he began to feel nostalgic again, the fear evaporating as quickly as the ever softer rain hit the concrete.

Oliver: If i stay here much longer, i know they're going to find me, but i need to figure out where i'm going to go from here, do i try my luck with the deserters? Or do i find and form my own faction?
Wait...thats it! I get together a bunch of people who think the way i do and become strong enough to hold our own against anyone!

He got to his feet and brushed the dirt off of his clothes, upon closer inspection it can be seen he's wearing a rather smart attire, black shined loafers coupled with a of cream trousers, a pair of braces could be seen covering a white buttoned shirt, with a pinstriped brown waistcoat hiding the majority of it from view, his brown hair spiking in all directions, giving him a bed-head look, suddenly hidden as he put on his black saloon style hat.

He picked up his weapons of choice; 2 sai's and a satchel containing all sorts of interesting pieces of metal and machinery, most likely used for traps.

Oliver: Well, i guess it's time to begin my crusade...i guess I'll start with the town a few miles north, there's bound to be a few like minded individuals there, and if anyone opposes me....

He puts his sai away in two separate holsters on either side of his hips.

Oliver:...I'll eradicate them...

The night sky now only showing signs of life with each rumble of thunder heard, possibly emphasizing the seriousness of Oli's statement.

He left his makeshift shelter and started to sprint across the wasteland, and out of sight.

A few miles away in the town that Oliver was now running towards, a new arrival was coming into existence inside a small house.
The thunder and lightning that had been present during Tom's speech and Oli's resting point were signifying something new was coming to this broken world, and it's name was Micek.

Screams were heard throughout the small town, and normally this would have been a worrying situation, however a single scream could not be heard over the hundreds already echoing through the night, all at the hands of two men doing the brotherhoods dirty work...

The now abandoned house was filled with strange lights and a grown man screaming his lungs out as his body slowly began forming, the lights guiding every fiber of his being into existence.
Within a few minutes he was fully integrated into the room, and he dropped to the floor, his large rune designed Axe dropping with a large thud beside him as he coughed and gasped for air.

He took in his surroundings slowly, beginning to understand where he was and why he was there, he slowly got to his feet and looked out the window at the carnage below, the army slaughtering innocent people.
His fist tightened into a ball and shook with anger, he turned from the window and picked up his Axe, knowing now what he had to do to put things right here...

A soldier runs up to an average built man wearing a thick leather jacket with a tunnel snake hairstyle, kicking the stomach of a man lying on the ground in agony.

Solider: Lieutenant Colonel Mendou! I have some news from our scouts sir!

Josh: Tell it to the Major, i'm busy interrogating.

He continues to kick the near-dead man who has begun coughing up mass amounts of blood, he kneels down and picks the man up by the scruff of his clothes, holding him high above Josh's own height.

Josh: We know you have seen at least one of the fugitives come through here, the girl bought something from you, what was it?
I will only ask you one more time, so do not try to test my patience...

Man: *cough* I...I don't know what you're talking about you madman!

Josh:....Wrong answer

He pulls out his revolver and places it over the mans left eye

Josh: This will be the last thing you'll ever see

The gunshot rang out across the town as the mans brains splattered across the ground and his body fell limp.

Josh threw the body aside and walked away sighing.

Josh: This is all too much work for me....If anyone needs me i will be in my quarters.

The soldier approached Matt, who was already deep in conversation with two subordinates

Soldier: Major Gresa! I have some news from one of our scouts?

Without turning to look at him he spoke back to the soldier

Matt: Talk.

Soldier: He claims he spotted the old Sergeant going to the abandoned NG MAG building, what should we do?

Matt: Round up any soldiers you have and report back to me, we are going to storm that building and take them before they even have a chance to breathe, GO!

The soldier gave him a short salute while shouting "SIR!" before running off through the carnage and out of sight.

Matt stood there, deep in thought

Matt: Mast3rmind...what the hell are you thinking?

Next chapter to be written by Sarai, so check out her page for it in the few hours.

If anythings out of place let me know and i'll be happy to put it right.

Those who are not included in this chapter will be introduced at a later date, i promise.

Keep bringing more users to us everyone!

- Dangan


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Not bad, the story's looking good so far.

Will the chapters be regularly updated?

Dangan responds:

Well Sarai's is now done http://sarai.newgrounds.com

So yes pretty much lol


2008-12-13 20:24:52

This is an interesting story. Makes me want more.

Dangan responds:

Glad you liked it, if you want to be a part just sign up on my 4th news post, you can find the first chapter written by mast3rmind and the third written by Sarai on their own personal pages.


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http://sarai.newgrounds.com for the next chapter :)

Dangan responds:

Damn straight, her chapter can make you cream <3


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My name is Scott Carroll.

I play guitar. Check my profile for a picture of me. I'm in 9th grade.

Uhh .. I like videogames... I'm skinny ..

So if thats good enough add me to your story :D

Just PM me if you want to know anything else.


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*gasp* How is Matt connected to it all? Pretty sure I know, but I'm not gonna spoil it for everyone if I am right.


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Nicely written, man. Some parts were very clever such as the subtle joke about NG MAG. ;]

Pretty interesting stuff, so I'll read chapter 3 tomorrow, hopefully. So far so good, though!