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2010-08-28 02:19:32 by Dangan

So it's been like 18 months or so since my last post regarding the january 09' meetup and i felt this needed something of an update.

Honestly, i don't get alot of time for websites like this, i think most ghosting NG users have the same things in life which keep them from being on here regularly, for me it's my lifestyle, social circles, my daughter, my studies (which are now continuing onto university) and my career.

But when i do come on i'm reminded of why i joined this website so many years ago, the forums are still rather funny to behold, the kids from when i joined are now experienced users backseat modding the new kids acting like retards, i guess some things never change?

Anyways i'm rambling, i guess the NG related update is that i'm in talks with Mike to make a new Mushroom War film, it's taken nearly 5 years granted and we've both had quite a few PM's, emails and reviews asking for the "proper war" and a sequel, Mike has pitched the idea a couple of times now but unfortunately i've simply been too busy, however i feel the time is right to get started on it.

Expect to see a more mature and all round better and more refined finished product (not that there was anything wrong with the previous one).

Not only that, but i have found a few previously unfinished scripts and ideas on my computers that i'm anxious to push forward with some other animators that NG is more than familiar with, hopefully you'll be seeing a plethora of ideas coming from me over the next year or so, but for all i know it could fall through and The Mushroom War 2 could be all you get.

Still, who reads these things anyways? To most NG users i'm just an experienced nobody nowadays, the joys of ghosting i suppose :')

Anyways, this concludes my update for the next year or so, unless i decide to post a story or two on here every now and then, we'll see.

Peace easy NG

Updates Updates Updates...


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2010-08-28 02:39:26

"Joined this site so many years ago..."
WTF? You're only an '05, you n00bish newb.
Oh-wait, it's '09s now. Damn, we're gettin' too old.

Shit! It's '10s now, they are supposed to be the worst members. I think, I stopped goin' in the general forums b/c it's a dump full of adolescent retards. I really don't fit in there anymore. Although I do go to the more intellegent boards once in awhile. I'm probbably gonna start goin' back, though.

(Yet my Intelligence quotient drops significantly whenever I stay too long)

Dangan responds:

Yeah but when you think about it, nearly 6 years is a damn long time by NG standards

We are indeed, but what can you do? This is how the world works, plus they always claim to be the worst every year, they all migrate from 4chan or some other retarded website and then spam here like there's no tomorrow, it never changes.

I suppose once you've been here for more than a couple of years though you tend to grow out of wanting to act like a retard and suddenly don't fit in with the adolescent, inbred masses. Such is the cycle.

I know what you mean though, sometimes it can be sorely tempting to just join in with the meme threads and flame wars


2012-05-28 20:37:05

Don't ghost and make TMW Part 2! :D