Running Underground : Act 1: End Game - Prologue

2008-12-11 20:38:39 by Dangan

Prelude To Madness

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly we can be completely overcome with emotion at the tip of a hat, sadness can fill our lives when the doctor walks out of the surgery room to tell you they've passed away, joy and happiness can illuminate your life when that special someone says that they love you too, love can in engulf you when your child is brought into the world and you become a father and pain can possess you when you're faced with the kind of decisions a rebellion group now has to make in order to survive the oncoming onslaught humanity will have to endure from an insane cult, this is where our story begins...

The rain is falling down hard, crashing against the unforgiving pavement, it's surface never changing and it's screams never heard as hail now pummels the concrete, followed by the unison of footsteps marching towards the collosal stadium just a stones throw away.

Inside, a podium has been raised in the fathernost corner, allowing the 60,000 strong crowd of supporters pour into the stadium, and as they are almost all there, a medium built tall man in his 30's steps towards the podium, the large wide screen TV behind him usually on with advertisements was now showing a live steam of his image, his messy black hair flattened under the pressure of the rain, his voice however did not falter as it carried around the gargantuan stadium like a force of nature as he spoke to the restless crowd:

"my brothers and sisters you have gathered here for a reason, because you all have a purpose, a vision, a common interest!.
You ALL desire change in this broken & convoluted world, and you all know I am the one to give you that!."

Cheers and chants from the crowd echo around the stadium as the man pauses for a brief moment, before raising a hand to silence them all as he continued:

"you have given me ample time to create the army of unrelenting force, size and power, I have came through for you, and now there is only one phase left..."

He paused again, however this time the crowd was not cheering, they were waiting with baited breathe for the words they'd longed to hear since the project proposal back in 2002, nearly a decade ago...

The man has his head bowed in silence, and then, as the lightning struck down, he raised his head, illuminating half of his face as evil eyes bore into the crowd like headlights.

He slammed his fists down on the podium and proclaimed:


The Crowd screams it's approval and awaits the final word from their leader.

"What started out as a simple online forum has grown into a fully fledged empire which will enslave the world, now march my brothers and sisters! KILL ANY YOU FIND, IN
72 HOURS, THIS WORLD IS OURS! Take your weapon and become my militia!"

The crowd dispersed quickly, grabbing the weapons being given to them by the mans security, their shirts, tattoos and weapons engraved in the logo of a very familiar tank, two letters below it in gold reading and a
small quote below it:

"Defending our portal since 99'"

Members of the crowd look back to take a look at the screen behind the podium now turned on, images of several familiar faces flashed up in the screen.

Dangan, Lost_chances, Mast3rmind, Canas, Sarai, Barenakedmike and BBM all appeared up on the screen, with the words "THREAT TO THE BROTHERHOOD" written in blood red letters below, the final 4 words flashing up on the screen in bright White letters:


Chapter 1 is on Mast3rminds Userpage

Enjoy, and let the whoring of your own alias's begin :D


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