Chapter 6 Part 1: Tough Choices

2008-12-18 09:09:43 by Dangan

"Get tough, become so strong you tower over your peers and subordinates, make sure you never have to take orders again, then you will understand why i am doing this to you."

Those were my fathers words as his perverted way of toughening me up was to hunt me down like a common animal, leave me for days in the wilderness to fend for myself until he came to get me, only to lull me into a false sense of security and repeat the same sick process again and again.

I was 13 when i ended his life, i had become so sick of his games, and i had finally worked up the courage to tell the girl in the C & C city how i felt, her name was Emma and she said she felt the same, the lovely feeling was short lived however, as my father caught wind of the situation and decided the ultimate way to strengthen me and harden my heart was to take away the things i valued most, her being on the top of the list.
I remember the day as clear as a pool of undisturbed water...

I ran home from the city as soon as i heard from one of her friends that she'd seen Emma get into a car with a man who looked a lot like my father.
I Stepped into the living room to find her lifeless body on the floor, eyes widened with shock and mouth shut tight, her body hard from the rigor mortise.
Her blood was spattered over every wall and piece of furniture we had in the house, i averted my eyes away from her body to take in the rest of the horror scene, and as i gazed upon the ceiling i saw it, the message that nearly drove me to insanity.


The word WEAK repeated across the ceiling in different ways, all screaming at me from every angle...
..and it was then i knew what i had to do.

I ran as fast as my feet would carry me to the one place i knew my father would be; the field just past our back garden.

Grabbing my hunting knife and a marker pen lying on the ground near the fence i leaped over and carried on bounding tactfully between the grass and tree's.
Thats when i saw him, standing with his head down, blood on his hands and over his torso, slowly dripping onto the now red grass beneath him, all the while laughing maniacally.
I hit the ground as soon as i saw his left hand twitch, the grip on his carving knife tightened as did the grip on mine.
He lifted his head to sport a pair of wide bloodshot eyes, a widened toothy grin and Emma's blood dripping down his face...and out of his mouth...


I wasted no time going for the kill, i jumped from where i was hiding and bounded for the back of his left leg, my knife met it's target with a plunge, digging deep into his calf.
His scream was satisfying to hear, but not enough yet...
I grabbed my marker pen and took some of the blood now spurting from his leg and placed it around the tip of the marker, hastily drawing something on the back of both of his calves.

He caught on quickly, and fought through the blinding pain to see what i was doing, his mad eyes now turning to fixate on me.
Raising his right leg he made to kick me, but i foresaw this and stabbed him in the exact same place i had done with his left leg, once again scribbling down the same as i was on his left leg.

As soon as i was done i dashed to face him, he was too busy in pain to see me lunge for both of his biceps now, much faster and deeper than his calves made his screams even louder.
He finally gave into the pain and fell to the floor, with my knee on his throat i scribbled the same sign as before on both of his biceps and his chest before quickly retreating to a safe distance.

I gave him a few moments to realise what i was doing, to reflect and to speak, the last thing he ever said to me was;


It didn't matter to me, the transmutation circles on his body would do their job in a moment and i would be free of him, his parenting methods had given me that killer instinct, i just had the common sense to know right from wrong, but i did miss my malice from time to time and i could not hide from the joy it brought me, in this case however it was for a just cause, so i allowed it to take me over.

I drew a 6th transmutation circle on the ground beneath me and placed both of my hands on it's edge, it began to illuminate the grass and soil around it whilst illuminating the limbs on my father.
His arms and legs began to expand, larger and larger in conjunction with his screams before mutating horribly and bursting in a mass of gore.
His chest however did not expand, it was his heart that did, i made it so his heart would just continuously fill with blood until it not only suffocated him but also started growing until it hit his ribcage and burst, letting all the remaining blood fill his orephis'.

His disfigured body lying on the ground i walked away, and after burying Emma properly and explaining what had happened, i dissapeared.
That was nearly a decade ago now and in that time i have had to make several choices that were unorthodox, unethical and downright wrong.
But they have brought me closer to rising through the ranks and ultimately towards my final goal.

I'm now within striking distance of that goal, and nothing will stop me from achieving it...absolutely nothing.

My name is Matt Gresa, and within 63 hours i will have captured the fugitives, and killed any who oppose me.

For now, me and my men march towards our agents location for information that will lead us straight towards the enemy.

And maybe me and mast3rmind can have a little talk about our days in the precinct....


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Oh... interesting *_*

I think that in order to 'cross-sell' we should all link to the other chapters in news posts ok? Check out my new chapter to see what I mean in a bit....

Well done.