The New Chapter and a little news...

2008-12-20 20:50:29 by Dangan

Sarai has posted her explosive new chapter, the second part to chapter 6, check out her page here

After Mast3rmind has written chapter 7, Sarai will be the next one to write, not me.

Because Mast3rmind is setting up the cliffhanger/new plot for Act 2, and the writers for that act will be announced soon, but yours truly will still be giving you the regular updates.

So yeah, expect Mast3rminds chapter up in the next 24 hours, then Sarai's soon after....then MM's final 2 after that...

haha just roll with it XD

Act 1 should be all done and dusted before xmas arrives, giving the new writers a great start for Act 2 (name will be announced soon).

As always, keep recruiting, promoting, and enjoying.

You'll see this in sigs, on staff news posts (if we're lucky) and on the main news post page from our friends, take care for now, and enjoy the first half of Act 1!

FAQ, Join up page, Prologue and Chapters 2 & 6 part 1 can be found here

Chapters 1, 4 and 5 can be found here

Chapters 3 and 6 part 2 can be found here

The New Chapter and a little news...


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2008-12-24 02:59:33

I heard you could join the story, is it to late to join. (I haven't read the whole story just chapter 6)

Dangan responds:

Just check the join up page and read from there


2008-12-28 16:01:48

It pretty much comes down to the fact that there's black people, and there's n****rs. Two completely different kinds of people.

Although yeah, he does seem kinda biased, yeah, for the most part I agree with him right up to "Your people sit there at the bottom ... and do nothing but bitch and moan. Instead of bettering yourselves (like Hispanics have done so well), black people have responded by doing poorly in school and having more babies.", and then it seems to be more and more anti-black biased.

Blacks, in a way, do kinda support segregation though. It honestly confuses the hell out of me. They want to be EQUAL, yet they openly accept black college funds and promote affirmative action. If a white college fund was made, it would be racist. They don't want racial slurs used, yet they frequently say them to each other. If a white person says it, it's racist.

In short, although yeah, intolerance and racism is primarily a factor of other races, but blacks don't exactly act the way they want things to be all the time.

Also, where the hell did this come from? I'm kinda lost on how this worked its way into a comment regarding a story with a picture that says the bible is fake (I'm a Christian, but I'm not even gonna go into this, every atheist uses the same exact arguments [if there is a god, and he loves us all, why is there so much pain and suffering, and if God is real, then he would prove it by blah blah or do blah blah, which is an incredibly stupid arguing point, since it carries the same basis of me saying if you don't ride a unicycle at the bottom of a pool in a santa suit then you aren't a human] which have pretty damned simple responses).

Dangan responds:

if ya wanna know where it all came from just check his posts.

It's fine dude he's a troll, and a banned one at that, so let's not feed him anymore yeah?


2008-12-30 22:24:39

Hey man, sigh me up, what do I have to do and when?
Pm me so we can talk about this little story.

Dangan responds:

Just check the 4th news post, it's the sign up and FAQ page.


2008-12-31 02:21:00

Well there IS a difference between a random problem causing troll and a troll that at the very least has a valid point or two, though.

Dangan responds:

True, but that sorta discussion isn't for here.