2008-08-25 21:04:37 by Dangan

Hello, yes i have returned for another sporadic 5 minute period before wandering off to the small dark place i came from to sit and rock back and forth in a mentally unstable state :D

Just heard about the london meetup on the saturday (coincidentally my birthday), who's going?

Seeing as im not going out drinking till the late evening i figured i might mosey on down and say hai to the NG'ers visiting.

So, if you're going i imagine i will see you there.

Also, has anyone been kept up to date on the gary glitter story? wtf they're actually deporting him back here? yeah thats a great idea....send him to one of the countries that will stab him as soon as he gets into the terminal area :|

mind you seeing as the guy liked touching vietnamese children with his naughty hands i suppose that would be a godsend.

So, thankyou in advance to the little fucker with a knife who stabs gary glitter in his Aids infected colon :D.

Really not a clue what the fuck i'm going on about.

Also my book will hopefully be on various shelves in stores around england soon....emphasis on the hopefully.

The Aronshike Archives Book 1: The Black Mage

look out for it, read it and then burn it.

See you at the meetup...or around NG, either is good.


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2008-08-29 21:59:00

Damn, I'm jealous. :C


2008-10-01 23:27:26

Hey sexy, give me your aim or get on msn. I got flash full time, finally. I had to break my back to get it so lets roll >:]